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ECU Programming

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Airbags Programming

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HUMZOR Indian Pro

Exclusive & Authorised India Distributor for HUMZOR – NEXZDAS Products – Hindustan Techno Impex

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Contact Zabeeullah @ +91 88862 22659 or write to us on info@hindustantechno.com


About Hindustan Techno Impex

Our journey started just before this millennium in 1999 where automobile components were just gears & cylinders. In last 20 years automobile technology have advanced from analogue machines to more advanced digital machines resembling robots on the roads. We are party to this advancement & grown understanding the bright side of the digital world.

Hindustan Techno Impex is authorised & exclusive distribution & marketing partners for HUMZOR INDIAN car diagnostic tools & car scanners.

We are a fully intergrated house when it matters to automobile programming, starting from ECM sales to ECM programming done by a team of technical experts.

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